Realizes High Work Efficiency and Temperature Measurement of Moving Objects with Ease

Temperature loggers are used in various manufacturing and R&D sites, including those in the automobile industry. In many sites, sensors and data processing units are connected with wires. However, the procedures from wiring to measurement and cleanup have been a cause of low work efficiency.

The AirLogger™ WM1000 data loggers offer a solution to this issue while accommodating needs for miniaturization accompanying size reduction and high-density mounting of measurement targets and simultaneous measurement of multiple points.

For Moving and Rotating ObjectsMeasuring Automobiles/Motorcycles

  • Ideal for measuring temperatures of spinning tires or running engines during operation
  • Can be easily placed behind dashboards and in other areas where wires cannot reach
  • Measures temperatures inside and outside the vehicle and in the engine room all at once and displays them in real-time

For Small SpacesMeasuring Electronic Devices

  • Reduces the space needed for placement of the measurement instrument
  • Easy thermostream measurement setup
  • Enables easy measurement of changes in heat generated during device operation and the temperature in the thermostatic chamber

For Large AreasMeasuring Environments

  • Measures temperatures inside greenhouses or on solar panels with ease
  • Measures temperatures at multiple points on the surface of the clothing of workers working in high-temperature places

Fully Wireless Design Dramatically Boosts Operation Efficiency

The temperature measurement unit, which incorporates a thermocouple data processor, wirelessly sends measurement data to a PC to be displayed and saved.
This eliminates the need for troublesome wiring and dramatically boosts work efficiency.

Conventional data logger

Conventional data logger