Questions of WM1000

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Are thermocouples attached to the product?

They are not attached, so please provide them yourself. (We offer optional thermocouple cables)

How far away can the measurement units be placed?

It varies depending on radio wave environment, but about 10 meters (line-of-sight).

What is the difference between “Temperature measurement range” and “Operating environment range” in the specifications?

“Temperature measurement range” means the range of temperature a thermocouple can measure.
“Operating environment range” means environment temperature range where a temperature measurement unit can be installed.

What does it mean that “Number of Simultaneous Measurement Channels” is max 100 ch?

It means a maximum of 100 temperature measurement units can be connected to one PC communication unit and simultaneous measurement using them is possible.

What is the file type of acquired data?

It is in CSV format.

How long does a button battery in a temperature measurement unit last?

A battery lasts about 15 days when used in sampling intervals of 1 second.

What is the size and weight of the temperature measurement unit?

Size: 35 mm x 35 mm x 14.5 mm, Weight: 20g (including button battery)

Are the measurement units dust-proof / waterproof?

Yes, they are equivalent to IP54.

When the temperature measurement unit may get water drops on it, protect the unit with masking tape as shown to prevent conduction between the two thermocouple terminals.

Placing the temperature measurement unit inside of a plastic bag can prevent oil or other liquids from sticking to the unit.

Can we measure any kind of moving object?

Not all objects can be measured. Please tell us what kind of object you need to measure.


In what kind of environment does the communication between measurement units and PC communication unit become unstable?

Generally speaking, radio waves tend to be unstable in the following conditions.

  • When another radio wave of the same frequency exists
  • When there are many metal objects nearby
  • When the PC communication unit is installed near the ground
  • In a high-humidity environment such as rain or fog

How can we resolve the unstable communication status?

Install the PC communication unit in a place with strong radio wave signals using a USB extension cable.
Also, moving the PC communication unit away from the ground results in better radio wave signals.

Do you have any demonstration units?

Yes, we have. Please feel free to ask for a demonstration.


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Questions of WM2000TA, WM2000TB, WM2000SA

TA:2 ch Temperature/Voltage Measurement Unit TB:7 ch Temperature/Voltage Measurement Unit SA:Strain Measurement Unit

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FAQ related to radio wave and electromagnetic interference

What is the communication range?

It is about 30 meters (line-of-sight).

What kind of wireless communication method is used?

We are using our own communication standard using 2.4 GHz band.

Is there any possibility of crosstalk?

As we conduct pairing with PC Communication unit and measurement unit, there is no crosstalk.

Can we monitor the radio wave strength?

You can monitor them on the PC.

Is there any possibility that the wireless communication would be interrupted due to radio interference?

There are possibilities of interrupted wireless communication due to radio interference.
However, this product includes internal memory within each unit so that measurement data during the communication interrupted period can be retrieved after measurement.

How much data can the internal memory store?

When the sampling interval is 1 sec, measurement data of about 4 hours for WM2000TA, about 2 hours for WM2000TB, about 4 hours for WM2000SA can be retrieved.

FAQ related to number of maximum simultaneous measurement

How many measurement units can be connected simultaneously for communication?

  • Maximum 100 units for WM2000TA/SA. When the sampling interval is less than 1 sec, maximum 30 units.
  • Maximum 100 units for WM2000TB. When the sampling interval is less than 1 sec, maximum 15 units.

FAQ related to sampling

How long a sampling interval can be set?

100 msec to 10 min can be set.

Can I choose a different sampling interval for each channel?

The sampling interval cannot be set for each channel, but can be set for each measurement unit.

How many channels can be connected when sampling intervals are different in each unit? (WM2000TA/SA)

When WM2000TA/SA with sampling interval of less than 1 sec and 1 sec or more are mixed, the maximum number of measurement units to be connected are as follows:
Max 40 units with interval 1 sec or more. Max 30 units with interval less than 1 sec.

How many channels can be connected when sampling intervals are different in each unit? (WM2000TB)

When WM2000TB with sampling interval of less than 1 sec and 1 sec or more are mixed, the maximum number of measurement units to be connected are as follows:
Max 40 units with interval 1 sec or more. Max 15 units with interval less than 1 sec.

FAQ related to Measurement Unit

How can I specify the channel number of each unit?

You can set arbitral number with software.

How can I identify the channel number assigned to each unit?

Channel number stickers are attached to the PC Communication Unit. Paste the channel number sticker on the relevant measurement unit.

FAQ related to specifications and operation environment

What is the heat resistance temperature?

WM2000TA/TB can stand -40℃ to below 100℃ (In the United States, -40℃ to 90℃*), WM2000SA can stand -30℃ to below 100℃ (In the United States, -30℃ to 90℃*). Using the heat-resistant case sold separately, WM2000TA/TB can perform measurements for up to 5 minutes at temperatures of up to 300℃.
When measurement in temperature out of above range is necessary, extend the thermocouple cable so that the temperature measurement unit remains within the above temperature range.

* In the United States, the temperature range is up to 90℃ in compliance with US safety standards.

Are the measurement units waterproofed?

They meet IP54 standard when the standard accessary water-proof attachment is used.

How many grams do WM2000SA, TA, TB weigh including the battery?

WM2000TA weighs 36 g, WM2000TB weighs 45 g, WM2000SA weighs 36 g.

To measure a rotating object, how many rpm can the unit tolerate?

It depends on measurement environment. Please evaluate with our demonstration unit by yourself.

FAQ related to power supply

What method is used for power supply?

Dedicated lithium primary battery is used.

How long does a battery last?

When the measurement interval is 1 sec, a battery lasts about two weeks for continuous use.

Can we connect the measurement unit to an external power supply?

We have a plan for that. Please contact us for details such as delivery.

How can I turn on/off the measurement units?

They can be turned on/off with software.

How can I identify whether a measurement unit is turned on or off?

You can confirm it on the PC.

FAQ related to software

Is alarm function included?

Yes, alarm display is possible.

What is the format of output data?

CSV format output is possible.

What will happen if a sensor to be connected has a disconnection?

You can find it with Sensor disconnection check function.

FAQ related to 2ch, 7ch Temperature/Voltage Measurement Unit

Can the measurement unit supply power to a sensor to be connected?

If the sensor to be connected requires an outside power supply, please provide it yourself.

What kind of thermocouples are applicable?

Type K, Type T and Type J

Can I measure both voltage and temperature simultaneously using WM2000TA or WM2000TB?

Yes, you can. Two channels of WM2000TA and seven channels of WM2000TB can be set independently for voltage or temperature measurement.

What kind of sensor can I connect?

Any kinds of sensor can be connected as long as their output voltage ranges within ±12 V.

Can I use other kinds of sensors?

The measurement unit employs a system to receive output voltage, so that various kinds of sensors such as illumination/pressure/humidity can be used as long as they employ the voltage output method.

Do you have any recommended sensor for pressure measurement?

Choose voltage output type sensors, with input voltage less than 10 V.

FAQ related to Strain Measurement Unit

Is zero compensation function available for strain gauge?

The compensation is possible on software.

How many channels of strain gauges can be connected?

One channel can be connected.

Can I choose one of strain gauge types, 120Ω and 350Ω?

There are two kinds of measurement units, 120Ω type and 350Ω type.
You can choose one of the measurement unit types, after selecting the type of gauge to be used.

What kind of connection methods can the strain gauges apply?

Supports the one-active gauge method (two-wire connection), one-active gauge method (three-wire connection), two-active gauge method, and four-active gauge method.

How much strain can be measured?

Up to ±20000μstrain can be measured.

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