Load/Pressure/Acceleration Measurement

For load/pressure/acceleration measurement, AirLogger™ uses strain transducer sensors by connecting them to the strain measurement unit. They can be easily attached using the optional NDIS conversion cables.


Dramatically Improves Operation Efficiency with a Cable-less Design

The wireless design significantly reduces man-hours for wiring work
AirLogger™ can shorten the evaluation period because it reduces man-hours required for measurement.
Enables measurement from inside a metal housing
AirLogger™ can perform measurement in a temperature test chamber, etc., if there is a gasket or window. The radio wave condition can be checked with the software.

Ultra-Compact and Lightweight

AirLogger™ has realized significant size/weight reduction by incorporating internal amplifiers.

Capable of Real-Time Simultaneous Measurement at Multiple Measurement Points

The measurement units can be synchronized by the synchronization signals from the PC communication unit.
Up to 100 units can be measured simultaneously, and the measurement data can be checked in real time.
PC communication unit Max. 100 units

Technology to Stabilize Communication

Ultra-compact and Low Noise, with No Need for an AC Power Supply

  • Since the measurement unit is powered by a battery, the noise that would come from a power supply is reduced.


The measurement units of the WM1000 are waterproof and dust-proof.
The measurement units of the WM2000 are waterproof and dust-proof when they are placed in the included waterproof case.

Precautions When Mounting

Measurement File Format

  • Measurement data of the WM1000 is saved in csv files.
  • Measurement data of the WM2000 is saved as unique binary data (it can be output to csv files).