Voltage Measurement

The AirLogger™ is capable of measuring voltages up to ±12 V. It can also measure voltages on moving or rotating bodies by attaching the measurement units to them, taking advantage of its wireless design.

Applicable Products Comparison Table

Product Name
Ch/Max ch 2 ch/200 ch 7 ch/700 ch
Measurement range ±12 V
Measurement interval 0.1 s to 10 min
Max. absolute rating 15 V
Size 54.5 mm, 45 mm, 17.5 mm 60.5 mm, 49 mm, 17.5 mm
Weight 36 g 45 g
Communication distance 30 m
Battery Special battery *1
Operating temperature range -40 to 100°C
Lost Data Recovery Function

* The max. number of connections can be used when the sampling period is 1 s or longer.
*1 It is also possible to operate the applicable products without using a dedicated battery by using an external power supply cable.
  See optional external power supply.


Voltage Measurement

Voltage, which is the most manageable physical quantity, is used nearly everywhere.
With a wireless logger, you can easily and collectively monitor the voltage at a remote location all at once.
By using multiple units, you can easily and collectively monitor the voltage that requires insulation.

The wireless design eliminates the need for measurement jigs

Wireless technology allows evaluation of the actual machine without having to use slip rings or measurement jigs.

The wireless design significantly reduces man-hours for wiring work

AirLogger™ can shorten the evaluation period because it reduces man-hours required for measurement.
Reduction in wiring man-hours will relieve the hassle of routing cables.

Enables measurement from inside a metal housing

If there is a gasket or a window, it is possible to measure by wireless communication even in a temperature test chamber.
With the WM2000 series, you can check the radio wave condition on the software.

Capable of Real-Time Simultaneous Measurement at Multiple Measurement Points

The measurement units can be synchronized
by the synchronization signals from the PC communication unit.
Synchronous measurement of up to 100 units and 700 channels is possible.
The measured data can be checked in real time with standard software.
Click here for software details.

PC Communication Unit Max. 100 units

Delivering Wireless Measurement that “Connects”

Memory data is stored using the internal memory of the measurement unit and has a recovery function.
The strength of the transmitted and received radio waves varies significantly depending on the way the measurement unit and the PC communication unit are installed.
Please see “How to improve the radio wave environment”.
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Ultra-compact and Low Noise, with No Need for an AC Power Supply

Since it is battery operated, it has the advantage of being less affected by power supply noise, which is difficult to remove.
It can be used in a high-voltage environment by installing the housing of the measurement unit with insulation.
(However, extreme care is required under high voltage since it cannot withstand high voltage between channels of the same measurement unit.)


Waterproofness/Dustproof performance is equivalent to IEC standard IP54 compliant. (The performance is the use of a waterproof attachment)

Measurement File Format

Measurement data can be output as a csv file.