AirLogger™ allows for easy measurement of temperatures or strain of rooms or power units.
It can be directly attached to movable parts such as axles and cranks.

Comparison Table

Measurement Target Temperature Temperature/Voltage Strain/Stress/
Load cell
Product name
Ch/Max ch 1 ch/100 ch 2 ch/200 ch 7 ch/700 ch 1 ch/100 ch
Measurement range −200~+1300℃
(K Type)
Temperature: −200 ~ +1300℃ (K Type) ±20000µST
Voltage: ±12V
Measurement interval 0.1 s to 10 min
Size 35 mm, 35 mm, 14.5 mm 54.5 mm, 45 mm, 17.5 mm 60.5 mm, 49 mm, 17.5 mm 54.5 mm, 45 mm, 17.5 mm
Weight 20 g 36 g 45 g 36 g
Communication distance 10 m 30 m
Battery CR2032 Special battery *1
Operating temperature range -15 to 70°C -40 to 100°C -30 to 100°C
Lost Data Recovery Function △ *2

* The max. number of connections can be used when the sampling period is 1 s or longer.
*1 It is also possible to operate the applicable products without using a dedicated battery by using an external power supply cable.
  See optional external power supply.
*2 WM1000 will have a simple lost data recovery function.


Reduces Cable Clutter in the Engine Compartment

  • Easy connection with a wireless design
  • Reusable thermocouples that reduce environmental burden

Capable of Temperature Measurement of Rotating Objects

  • Easily attached to the drive shaft
  • Easily attached to tires and brakes

Enables Easy Measurement Inside the Vehicle

  • The length of thermocouples used for measurement is minimized
  • Temperature measurement on the vehicle exterior can be controlled from inside the vehicle without opening the window

Enables Easy Measurement of a Running Vehicle

  • These light and compact measurement units can be installed anywhere
  • The vehicle can move with the measurement units attached to parts