Wireless Data Logger WM2000 Series

The AirLogger™ WM2000 Series consists of a data communication unit connected to a Windows PC and various WM2000 Series measurement units that can be selected according to your measurement purposes.
We have added a new measurement unit for dynamic strain to the product lineup, in addition to those for temperature/voltage and strain. The WM2000 series can measure humidity, illumination, pressure, wind speed, load, acceleration, etc., in addition to temperature, voltage, dynamic strain, and static strain, by attaching the different kinds of sensors.
Additionally, a single PC communication unit can simultaneously receive diverse types of measurement data acquired from different measurement units, and that they can be flexibly combined depending on the task, making AirLogger™ even more convenient.
This series also has various options available.


  • Small and Excellent Environmental Resistance
  • Simultaneous Measurement of Temperature, Strain, and Voltage in flexible combinations
  • Real-Time Simultaneous Measurement of up to 700 Points
  • Software Switch Function

Measurement Unit

There are measurement units for temperature / voltage measurement and strain measurement. Various sensors can be supported by using a sensor, which can measure voltage or strain with the 4-gauge system.

Measurement Target List

Model Product name Temperature Voltage Strain When connecting each voltage output sensor Support for strain gauge transducer Load cell
Illumination Pressure Humidity Current Acceleration Pressure Vibration Load
WM2000TA 2ch Temperature/Voltage Measurement Unit
WM2000TB 7ch Temperature/Voltage Measurement Unit
Strain Measurement Unit*
Full bridge
Strain Measurement Unit

* The 120 Ω or 350 Ω type can be selected depending on the strain gauge to be connected.


Product name 2ch Temperature/Voltage
Measurement Unit WM2000TA
7ch Temperature/Voltage
Measurement Unit WM2000TB
Strain Measurement Unit
Measurement ch/unit 2ch 7ch 1 ch
Measurement range Temperature: -200 to +1300°C (K) Temperature: -200 to +1300°C (K) ±20000µ
Voltage: ±12 V Voltage: ±12 V
Sampling frequency Max. 10 Hz Max. 10 Hz Max. 10 Hz
Size (mm) 54.5(W) x 45(D) x 17.5(H) 60.5(W) × 49(D) × 17.5(H) 54.5(W) × 45(D) × 17.5(H)
Maximum number of connected units Max. 100 units Max. 100 units Max. 100 units
Number of simultaneous measurement channels Max. 200 ch Max. 700 ch Max. 100 ch
Operating temperature range -40 to less than +100°C -40 to less than +100°C -30 to less than +100°C
Vibration resistance Equivalent to JIS D 1601 Type 1 Class C
Dust-proof/waterproof capabilities Equivalent to IP54 (When the waterproof attachment is used)

Data Communication Unit

  • The WM 2000 Series requires the data communication unit in order to wirelessly connect the PC with each measurement unit.
  • To use each measurement unit, at least one “PC communication unit” must be connected to the PC.


Product name PC communication unit WM2000ZA
Main function Control and communication with measurement units
Receiving data
Communication frequency 2.4 GHz
PC Connection USB I/F
Power supply From the PC
Number of connected measurement units 100
External dimensions 55 × 23.5 × 8.3 (mm)
Remarks Required for system operation.


Small and Excellent Environmental Resistance

The measurement units have been made small with high density mounting technology. They can perform measurement in operating environmental temperatures from -40°C to less than +100°C (depends on the model).
The unit is small and can be installed on moving parts such as tires and arms.

Internal Memory Protects Measurement Data

When the radio environment is poor and data transfer is unstable, the internal memory temporarily stores the measurement data and interpolates the data after measurement.
Measurement data can be displayed and stored without any missing portions after being interpolated.

Simultaneous Measurement of Temperature, Strain, and Voltage in flexible combinations

Up to 100 temperature/voltage measurement units, strain measurement units, and dynamic strain measurement units can be arbitrarily combined and their data can be received with one PC communication unit.
The sampling time can be set for each unit, as well as the physical quantity for each channel, enabling real-time monitoring of various types of measurement.

Real-Time Simultaneous Measurement of up to 700 Points

One PC communication unit can be connected to as many as 100 measurement units.
While measuring wirelessly, temperature/voltage can be measured at a maximum of 700 points simultaneously. Measurement points can be dispersed across a broad area.

*Can measure up to 700 points of temperature/voltage (When 100 units of 7ch Temperature/Voltage Measurement Unit are used)
Can measure up to 300 points of strain (When 100 units of 3 ch Dynamic Strain Measurement Unit are used)

Software Switch Function

The power switch has been removed from the measurement unit. Units can now be turned on and off from your PC.

Lined up measurement units with excellent environmental durability

The operational environment range of WM2000TA / TB is -40 deg C to 100 deg C. * For other models, please check the specifications of each model.
Resistance against vibration is equivalent to JIS_D1601_type 1_type C. Waterproof/dustproof functions (IP54) has been actualized by installing the attached waterproof case.
WM2000 can be employed in many fields with its excellent environmental durability.