Rotating Objects

Conventionally, special jigs such as slip rings or sensor embedding blocks were necessary when measuring rotating objects. AirLogger™ can directly measure rotating objects without any special jigs, owing to its wireless design.


Measurement Target Temperature Temperature/Voltage Strain
Product name WM1000 WM2000TA WM2000TB WM2000SA
Ch/Max ch 1 ch/100 ch 2 ch/200 ch 7 ch/700 ch 1 ch/100 ch
Battery CR2032 Special battery
Operating temperature range -15 to 70°C -40 to 100°C -30 to 100°C
Size 35 mm, 35 mm, 14.5 mm 54.5 mm, 45 mm, 17.5 mm 60.5 mm, 49 mm, 17.5 mm 54.5 mm, 45 mm, 17.5 mm
Weight 20 g 36 g 45 g 36 g
Communication distance 10 m 30 m
Temperature sampling rate 0.1 s to 10 min
Lost Data Recovery Function

* The max. number of connections can be used when the sampling period is 1 sec or longer.


Temperature Measurement on Tires/Brakes

  • Easily measures temperatures of rotating objects.
  • Requires no slip rings.

Measurement of Shafts

  • Measures a drive shaft in a short time.
  • Can be directly attached to movable parts such as an engine crankshaft.

Enables Easy Measurement of a Running Vehicle

  • These light and compact measurement units can be installed anywhere
  • The vehicle can move with the measurement units attached to parts